18 Sep 2020
| 4 min read

Why You Should Be Digitizing Your Construction Documents

Rework and delays: two terms that are dreaded within the construction ...

02 Sep 2020
Construction Architecture | 3 min read

5 Ways a Planroom Can Streamline Your Bidding Process

When it comes to the bidding process, most people within the construct...

15 Jul 2020
Construction | 3 min read

COVID-19 Response: Keeping Projects on Schedule

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the concern for our well-being and ab...

24 Jun 2020
Construction | 3 min read

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Digitally Archiving

As the world continues to progress into an increasingly digital space,...

14 May 2020
Construction Architecture | 3 min read

Document Management & Its Impact on Your Profit

Having a good document management system in place is crucial to a succ...

30 Apr 2020
Architecture | 4 min read

Sustainability in Architecture

As the world continues to increase efforts to find ways to minimize ou...

15 Apr 2020
Construction | 3 min read

Printing in Color: An Easy Way to Reduce Errors

Rework, rebids, and delays. These are among a long list of words that ...

01 Apr 2020
Technology | 6 min read

Digital Process Modernization

As organizations have evolved over the years, the underlying architect...

18 Mar 2020
Construction | 5 min read

Women in Construction

The construction industry is widely considered a male-dominated field....

04 Mar 2020
Technology | 5 min read

Software Complexity

As software takes over the world, we are dependent on things controlle...

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