Written by Michelle Bellican
on December 08, 2021

 Whether you’re dealing with physical or digital documents, virtual planrooms or physical deliveries, managing and organizing construction documents is a complex task. Unless one person within your organization is solely dedicated to document management, you likely have many employees managing little pieces of each step. Mistakes can happen easily and snowball upon each other, yet finding ways to streamline documents is an often overlooked step in the construction pipeline.


As your partner in the entire process, we also help with document management. As we’ve said before, we view ourselves as an extension of your team. Even though we’re not sitting in your building, we can take document management off your plate.


Big Benefits, Bigger ROI

You probably already have a process in place, no matter how small, to help manage how construction files and documents move through your company. But even a well-established (and often expensive) software system or step-by-step process hits roadblocks with company-wide usage. And that’s assuming everyone is following the same system.


Little mistakes within documents like font substitutions or out of order sheets can quickly compound into missing information, entire missing sheets, and generally out of date documents when you don’t have a proper system that’s meticulously followed. As experts in quality control, we check all these elements for you as part of our document management services. When errors are caught on the front end, especially before distribution, we help mitigate the risk that threatens your team with missed deadlines, costly re-works, incorrect material orders, and more. Just as we provide this level of service for physical prints and planroom uploads, we also review your digital documents with a fine-toothed comb as soon as you hit “upload.”


If you already have bought into a system like ProCore, we will work within that system to manage your documents. Systems like these are complex and offer many features, and we’ve found most of our clients are not utilizing them to the best of their ability. Rather than scrap the whole system you have grown accustomed to, we help tweak and finesse the ways you use it-- all the while expanding knowledge and adoption-- so that you can increase your ROI on a software investment.


While our team handles document management, your team is left to focus on what they do best.  A unified document system reduces the barriers and roadblocks that your team faces on a daily basis. With extra time on your team’s plate, that could be more projects you fit in next year or more projects to bid on, with the added benefit of your team feeling confident when they send out their documents.

Every company has different preferences, and different ways they use their softwares. Our recommendations are personalized to their preferences and their goals. 


Coming Onboard

Every business approaches their projects differently. We strive to get to know your individual work flow first to determine what can be improved. We look at your document processes from the ground up, no matter if you’re working with digital or physical documents, and no matter what software platform you use. If you don’t yet have a system in place, we’re ready to train your team on best practices and get them set-up with a software they are confident with. If you do have a system in place, we work within it to educate your team on the most useful features and how to use it to its full potential. No matter how you work, the end goal is the same - you send your documents to us, and we’ll do the rest whether it’s quality checks, file naming, sorting specifications, and so on, and get it to its final destination.


Built to Scale

As your business grows, so do the number of documents floating through the system. Our team is built to scale alongside you to keep the same processes we’ve established in working order. Every year, or as needed, we evaluate the document processes in place to make sure they are still optimized for your business. When your team expands, we help train new employees on the system and verify they are using the best practices set in place. We adjust as needed: as you grow, and as your goals change. 


As your partner, we allow you to focus on growing your business, and we eliminate the roadblocks that come with thousands of construction documents passing through your hands. If your team is getting bogged down with document quality issues, upload confusion, missing documents and more, let us evaluate your system and see where we can help.

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